Thoughts on having a blog and finishing my degree!

When I was set the task to keep a blog for my university studies in my final year I knew this was something I would enjoy. They required us to blog about our shoots, findings and experiences for our Final Major Project and also to blog about all of the photography work we do outside of studying for our degree to look into what our plans would be post-course.

I have been running this blog for my business Zoe Ann Photography for a while before I joined my final year of uni in September so blogging about weddings, events, fairs and shoots came very easy to me. I found it a lot harder to blog about my own personal work as this is not something I usually share outside of university, however this has come a lot easier to me over the months. I knew that my blog had to maintain a professional image due to being a combination of my business and my degree so this is something I have tried to keep up throughout the year.

As I am coming to the end of my final year with my deadline being only tomorrow (eek!) I know that this blog is something I am going to continue to keep up with as I leave uni, I will continue to blog about weddings and events for the next years of my Zoe Ann Photography career!


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