Artist Talk: Danny Treacy

Last week we had another informative artist talk from photographer Danny Treacy, he did his first photography degree in Brighton and has gone on to exhibited all across Europe and the US, with his work incorporating elements of sculpture, collecting and anthropology.

For his first project he came across houses that had been abandoned by people who had died and who’s remaining families had not bothered with the house of their passed relatives; they gave Danny the access to the houses. He treated these houses like tombs for the passed occupants and didn’t do anything to alter the surroundings he was in as he wanted the photographs to be a ‘true’ reflection of the space he was in. He told us with his project he found it very frustrating finding subjects to photograph; whether he could find a picture or not was all dependant on the past occupant and what they had left behind.

This project led him onto his project called ‘Them‘ which he did for his MA, this changed the way Danny worked with photography and spaces as what he was previously doing was not satisfying him anymore. He was given keys to an abandoned flat block that was about to be demolished, he started off capturing the spaces as he did before with the houses of the deceased but then discovered a wardrobe full of clothes, he decided he should photograph himself wearing these clothes. He bought a sewing machine and began to stitch together more items of clothing and rags that he found in a factory and photographed these in a studio; he decided he wasn’t bothered for the location background anymore and wanted the photographs to be focused on the clothing. The images he created of the clothing pieces he had found led him to realise this project was about ‘them’ – the members of society more than it was about him even though he was the one wearing the clothing. When this work was exhibited he printed them very large as he wanted them to feel life like; as if the people were present in the room.

2017-03-04_0001-Images from “Them” photography by Danny Treacy: source

He told us about how he never finishes projects that he creates; he likes to continue to adapt and add to them over time. Danny told us this is a very difficult way of thinking to have when trying to publish work as people, especially photobook publishes like projects to be finished. His work that he has created for personal projects has led him onto commercial fashion photography, even though this has been something that he never had any interest in as he explained he has no care for fashion but has found it to be something very creative stimulating. This is some of his commerical fashion photography for VMAN magazine that I found to be very interesting:

2017-03-04_0002-Images for VMAN magazine – Photography by Danny Treacy: source

Overall I found the way Danny spoke about photography and how he creates it very intriguing, please check out more of Danny Treacy’s work from the projects I have spoke about in this post and more on his website.


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