Artist Lecture from Jack Latham

On Tuesday we had a guest lecture via Skype with Jack Latham, unfortunately I was ill and couldn’t attend the lecture however I have spent my Sunday evening catching up with the lecture via lecture capture and I’m glad I did!

Jack Latham is a photographer from wales who now lives and works in Brighton and he studied a documentary photography course in Newport. Outside of his photo projects he does advertising commissions, he runs an in house printing studio, is co-curator at Brighton based event Mini-Click and he is also a contributor to a welsh photographic collective called ‘Fine Beginnings’ which has been exhibiting across the UK since 2013.

Jack first started in photography when he was 19, he stated that he didn’t have a clue what he was doing when he first began and was purely a keen hobbyist. Tim Hetherington was a family friend of Jack’s and he really helped and encouraged Jack when he was starting his career in photography. Jack said that when he first began he wanted to be a war photographer however when Tim passed in Libya this changed where Jack wanted his photography path to lead.


-Image from Pink Flamingo by Jack Latham; source

Pink flamingo was a project that he started during university when he went to america for one month to photograph the Oregon Trail. This was inspired by an educational video game about the Oregon Trail. He started to wonder how the trail looked in real life and in present day. During this project he looked at photographing more metaphorically following Tim’s passing, he said he took different things from different contexts to create something larger. Throughout this project the images follow a similar aesthetic of a quiet sadness, he said that everyone he met in america was happy to be photographed and to have their stories heard.


– Image from Sugar Paper Theories by Jack Latham; source

Another project by Jack is the Sugar Paper Theories project which was photographed in Iceland and looks following the 6 people who were given false memories when arrested by the police on the case of the murder of two men. He combined his own images in the project along with found aspects such as diary entries from the 6 accused, and archived images from the police. He wanted the images to follow a theme of misconception throughout, along with belief, authority, evidence and how photographic imagery displays these. The ultimate goal of this book was to make the viewer think that everything you look at is a document about this case.

Jack ended with some advice about being a freelance photographer; he said that we should always be flexible and do the ‘money-making jobs’ to allow us to spend time and money making the work we want to within out personal projects.



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