Sophie Abbott On Her Life After University

Yesterday as a class we had a guest lecture via Skype with Huddersfield graduate Sophie Abbott. She graduated in 2015 with a First Class BA (hons) degree in photography and since has gone on to achieve great things so early on in her career.


[BooHoo Christmas campaign, photographed by Graham Reid and Retouched by Sophie.]

When she graduated she was hired by high street brands Dorothy Perkins and Evans as a photographer, although she said she did enjoy these jobs she felt that she was not being challenged enough creatively as she had to photograph to the clients needs and desires. So following this she found a job working as a retoucher for online company BooHoo where she currently works, even with this job not being directly photography she feels it is much more creatively challenging than the photography jobs at Evans & Dorothy Perkins.

Sophie told us all about her placement year from her time at university where she worked at company Star Boutique and how she found it interesting turning her hobby that she studies into an actual career and how this developed after uni.

From her talk with us I took a lot of inspiration on board, she told us about how important it is to have a constant online presence and to network with other students such as graphic designers while at university to form friendships with them to so you can creatively exchange, which will save money later on in your career. Sophie explained to us how to never undervalue your worth and your work, to only take on unpaid work if they will benefit you and challenge you, which is also something I learnt from starting up my business.

Take a look at Sophie her and her work here and follow her on her social media accounts!


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