London Galleries Trip


On the 18th of October I went on a trip to London with my University course to visit The Photographers Gallery and also The National Portrait Gallery.

First we went to The Photographers Gallery to look at some very inspirational work from the Feminist Avant-Garde Of the 1970’s which was a large exhibition featuring work such as Photographs, collages and video from over 48 artists including Cindy Sherman. The work that is shown reflects a time throughout the 1970’s where many gender equality and civil rights protest movements were taking place. Another exhibition here that kept mine and many other students attention for a long time was the work on Joanne by Simon Fujiwara. It was a film that showed issues around the representations of women in today’s society. I found the main quote within this work very inspirational:

“I feel like Iā€™m cheating if I say: I am a model, I am a teacher, I am a lover, I am an artist, I am a chameleon, I am a fighter… I am a person… I am a female.”
– Joanne

In the afternoon after we had a bite to eat we headed over to The National Portrait Gallery to view William Eggleston’s exhibition. This exhibition features over 100 of Eggleston’s images, I found the colours in his work were absolutely stunning and this really showed within the gallery setting.





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