Wedding Packaging


Like many photographers I take great pride in my photos and albums, and the way photos are displayed as an end product is so important to me and my branding!


All products are delivered in a strong brown kraft paper bag which is 100% recyclable and 100% bio-degradable so are super eco friendly! I hand stamp my logo and thank you sticker onto the bag, and then when it is full of your photo goodies it’s tied complete with a kraft string bow.


Your images & DVD slideshows are displayed in a matching sleeve, again the disc cases are handmade by myself with my hand stamp, sticky tape, string and heart label!


In some packages a small amount of 4×6 matt finish prints are given to the couple complete with stylish round cut corners and finished with a bow.

Finally provided within the packaging is your choice of album whether it be the handmade scrapbook which ties in beautifully with the kraft bags and cases, the modern photobook or both!!