Why pre shoots are really important!

First of all what is a pre shoot?

A wedding pre-shoot is a mini hour long photography shoot that I offer in my packages where we head out to a location of the couples choice and capture some fun, natural, and romantic images.

Why are they important?

Wedding pre-shoots are super important for various reasons. One of these reasons is so that I (the photographer) can get to know the couple a little better! By the time it comes to the pre-shoot we will have already had our meeting where we talk all about your day and what you want, but the pre-shoot allowed me to get to know the couple a little better when they’re in front of the camera!

When I am at weddings I often hear a lot of β€œcan you photoshop me?” or β€œI hate having my picture taken!”. These pre-shoots help you get past all these photo-nerves and see what beautiful images you can have! They reduce the amount of anxiety you will face on the day because after this shoot, you’re already used to the camera and you are both practically models!

Pre-shoot images also make for good decorations for your wedding day, people often use them as the image for a signature board, for thank you cards or simply have them in some frames around the wedding venue.


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