Durker Roods Hotel Open Day

Yesterday was the wedding open day at the Durker Roods Hotel in Meltham, so I popped down to take a look around, have a chat with some brides & grooms and to capture some pictures of the hotel for the team at Durker Roods!

They had their hotel all set out as it would be set out for a wedding, with different civil ceremony scenarios in the restaurant room of the Hotel. Also available to view was their beautiful bridal suite.

In the wedding breakfast room they had the whole room decorated ready for a wedding! Although the weather outside was rather glum, when you stepped inside their beautiful table decor and fairy lights really lit up the room.

Also in this room they had a line of tables with different table decor for brides and grooms to have a look at and get some inspiration. I have to say this vintage looking table decor was my favourite!

When the rain finally stopped for a short while I went outside to visit their beautiful new secret garden. In rain or shine this garden is truly stunning, I can’t wait for my weddings at this hotel next year to capture some pictures of the couples in this garden, hopefully the rain stays away!

I had a lovely day at the open day and would like to say a big thank you to the staff for letting me come along for the afternoon. I highly recommend this hotel to any future brides and grooms!



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