Jonathan & Jane Clayton’s Wedding

Jonathan & Jane Clayton’s Wedding

I first met Jonathan at my very first wedding fayre at Durker Roods, I received an email pretty much straight away from these two enquiring about my work and we had a little chat and a coffee in costa and the deal was done!

We met up again a couple of weeks before their big day for their preshoot in the surrounding areas of their chosen church in Marsden, although the weather wasn’t fantastic we had a nice time and a final catch up chat before the big day.


Then when their big day arrived on the 4th April 2015 and all was very calm in jane’s house where her and her family were getting ready, she made me feel very welcome and offered me lots of cups of tea (us photographers really like this!!). These two had really thought about every detail for their big day which doesn’t go unnoticed, especially by people like me who love the little details; she even had a yankee candle that had the scent of “wedding day” burning as they got ready!

Next was onto the ceremony which took place at the stunning St Bartholomew’s Church in Marsden, Huddersfield, it was a lovely relaxed ceremony with lots of smiles and love in the room! After the ceremony we head out for some pictures of the couple and their bridal party, luckily the weather stayed dry and sunny all day in contrast to their preshoot.

The reception was held at Marsden Mechanics and Jane had made all the decorations herself; from the centre pieces all the way to the amazing kids play tent (how fantastic is that?!) and everything looked amazing.

The night ended with lots of fun and dancing with entertainment and music provided by a kaylee band. Overall Jonathan and Jane’s wedding was a fantastic day and it was such a pleasure to be a part of it!

Here’s a few photos to sum up their day:


Whats In My Bag?

Whats In My Bag?

I have been meaning to write this blog for a long time and since all my shiny new back up equipment and camera bag came recently I thought I would finally write it! 2015-05-04_0003 I carry all my Equipment in my ‘Missy’ bag in mint from Jo Totes, I fell in love with this when I saw it on Pinterest and I knew I had to have it. So far this bag has been great, its large enough for all my equipment and even my laptop when I need to take it all down to uni! The colour is stunning and never again will I go back to my traditional (and not as pretty) black camera bag. 2015-05-04_0002 My main camera I use for all my photography is my Canon 5D MKIII, I have had this camera for just over a year I have absolutely no faults with it and love it!!2015-05-04_0008 Next are my two lenses that I always have with me. I mainly use my 50mm 1.8 on my camera pretty much 90% of the time. I love the focal length and the excellent depth of field it produces. Then I have my standard kit lens that I use for when the 50mm is just a bit too restricting, mainly during group shots at weddings. In my bag I also carry a back up 50mm just incase! 2015-05-04_0004For my back up camera is my recently purchased Canon 6D, I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but it always comes with me!!


For those times when theres just not enough natural light to be able to capture a moment I have my Canon Speedlight 430 EXII, and I always take two of these with me on my weddings! Sometimes I also put in my Instax Mini 8, which is a super cute and fun polaroid camera that I got for my birthday! 2015-05-04_0006I always make sure I have plenty of my flyers & business cards in my bag for when anyone asks to have my details or prices! 2015-05-04_0007

Finally I have lots of bits and pieces that get stuffed into the many hidden pockets of my Jo Totes bag (believe me, theres a lot). These include: Spare batteries, hand sanitiser that smells like strawberry laces (so good!!!), memory card pouch, chewing gum,an umbrella and a portable phone charger. And thats just about everything that I manage to fit into my camera bag!

7 Tips For a Rainy Wedding

Of course, no bride wants it but on some days mother nature doesn’t want to play fair but you shouldn’t let the weather dampen the best day of your life, so here’s 7 tips to make your rainy wedding perfect!

  1. The standard family group shots that every mum asks for your wedding day are unavoidable and usually done outside with some pretty scenery behind, but if its raining you don’t want to be gathering everyone outside in the rain. So make sure your venue has a nice big area with some good lighting to get some group shots inside.

  2. Buy umbrellas, and lots of them! Get a fancy (but also waterproof) umbrella for yourself and a few clear ones for your bridal party in advance. These can make for some fun and quirky shots in the rain. Even if it doesn’t rain your umbrella looks nice as a prop in your pictures and you’ll have a good supply of normal umbrellas for the future!

  3. Another thing you should purchase for yourself is another pair of wedding shoes, some wellies! A cute pair of wellies can make for some adorable pictures.

  4. If your photographer has checked the weather and is expecting rain they should already bring some towels with them, but just incase bring a few old towels with you to wipe away rain from benches, fences and any areas that you could be having pictures in.

  5. Try to be as flexible with your time as you can, of course no photographer wants to interrupt you when trying to mingle with your guests. But if it suddenly stops raining; even for a moment make the most of it and head outside for some photos. Sometimes this quick pause of rain can make time for a rainbow!

  6. Create a rain jar! Get yourself a small jar and let it catch some rain, and label it with your date or names. This makes for an adorable keepsake from your wedding day!

  7. Finally, don’t let the rain spoil your day. You only get one wedding so make the most of it and don’t let the rain effect your mood or photos. Rainy weddings can always make for some great pictures and keepsakes that most people don’t get on their day!

Durker Roods Hotel Open Day

Yesterday was the wedding open day at the Durker Roods Hotel in Meltham, so I popped down to take a look around, have a chat with some brides & grooms and to capture some pictures of the hotel for the team at Durker Roods!

They had their hotel all set out as it would be set out for a wedding, with different civil ceremony scenarios in the restaurant room of the Hotel. Also available to view was their beautiful bridal suite.

In the wedding breakfast room they had the whole room decorated ready for a wedding! Although the weather outside was rather glum, when you stepped inside their beautiful table decor and fairy lights really lit up the room.

Also in this room they had a line of tables with different table decor for brides and grooms to have a look at and get some inspiration. I have to say this vintage looking table decor was my favourite!

When the rain finally stopped for a short while I went outside to visit their beautiful new secret garden. In rain or shine this garden is truly stunning, I can’t wait for my weddings at this hotel next year to capture some pictures of the couples in this garden, hopefully the rain stays away!

I had a lovely day at the open day and would like to say a big thank you to the staff for letting me come along for the afternoon. I highly recommend this hotel to any future brides and grooms!

Why pre shoots are really important!

First of all what is a pre shoot?

A wedding pre-shoot is a mini hour long photography shoot that I offer in my packages where we head out to a location of the couples choice and capture some fun, natural, and romantic images.

Why are they important?

Wedding pre-shoots are super important for various reasons. One of these reasons is so that I (the photographer) can get to know the couple a little better! By the time it comes to the pre-shoot we will have already had our meeting where we talk all about your day and what you want, but the pre-shoot allowed me to get to know the couple a little better when they’re in front of the camera!

When I am at weddings I often hear a lot of “can you photoshop me?” or “I hate having my picture taken!”. These pre-shoots help you get past all these photo-nerves and see what beautiful images you can have! They reduce the amount of anxiety you will face on the day because after this shoot, you’re already used to the camera and you are both practically models!

Pre-shoot images also make for good decorations for your wedding day, people often use them as the image for a signature board, for thank you cards or simply have them in some frames around the wedding venue.



A while ago I had the pleasure of being invited along to photograph at the #sperryweddinghourlive event and I have finally been able to post some pictures and have a talk about it!

The event was held in the beautiful grounds of Newby Hall Gardens and took place in a brilliantly crafted sperry tent by PapaKåta.

The tent was stunningly decorated with flowers by Lucy MacNicoll flowers, with entertainment from a Booth Revolution Vintage Photo Booth and a Fun Casino from Miss Deal.

Overall the whole evening was a great success and I am very happy to of been a part of it!